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Did you know...The man responsible for TOTOTA was Sakichi Toyoda and he was born in 1867 in Yamaguchi, Japan. His life's quest was to design and produce an automatic textile loom. In 1907, he formed the Toyoda Loom Works, which by 1930 had grown into the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (TALW). His son, Kiichiro disn't share his fathers interest in the textile loom, his dreams were of automobiles. In March of 1930, Kiichiro began building a prototype automobile in a corner of his fasther's factory. By 1934 there had been enough progress and success with the engines and body that they opened an "automotive department." In 1936 it was decided to change the name from Toyoda to Toyota because it sounded better and was asthetically more pleasing in written Japanese

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