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Did you know.... Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were both born in Southern Germany. Gottlieb was born in 1834, and Carl ten years later in 1844. They both were fascinated with machinery and both designed and built their own vehicles. While their styles were different, they both enjoyed the idea of competition and the need for 'speed with safety.' In 1889, a prominent Austrian business man, Emil Jellinek took interest in sport racing. He visited the Daimler factory and ordered an automobile for himself. . The first were too slow for him and he asked for quicker cars to be made. He soon received the first 4 cylinder car ever made and a top speed of over 40 kph. These quicker vehicles became very popular and Jellinek bought and sold many for the Daimler factory. He named these quicker cars in honor of his 10 year old daughter, Mercedes.

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