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    Hardnose Paint (2 Part)

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Check out our new super-tough "HARDNOSETM" paints.
These beautiful, two-component coatings are stronger than any color paints you have ever tried. The long-lasting brilliant colors will look terrific wherever you use them, and will withstand incredible abuse. You'll be amazed and delighted at how well HARDNOSETM paints hold up under conditions that would quickly destroy ordinary finishes.

HARDNOSETM paints are two-component finishes, with long "pot-life", so they're very easy and convenient to use.

Use HARDNOSETM paints on your garage floor, and you'll have a beautiful finish that will never chip, crack, or peel. Put HARDNOSETM on your tractor, wheel barrow, or bulldozer ... anything that needs tough paint.

HARDNOSETM paints are also excellent for industrial applications. Use our safety yellow or orange colors on floors, machinery guards, or heavy equipment, and then stand back and marvel at how long they last under abuse.

Put HARDNOSETM Paints on the chassis of your car, truck, or motorcycle, and quit worrying about stone chips and gravel roads. You'll be amazed at the toughness

Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-HNPBG  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Beige  $37.25 
POR-HNQBG  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Beige  $62.75 
POR-HNGBG  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Beige  $214.00 
POR-HNPBLK  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Black  $37.25 
POR-HNQBLK  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Black  $62.75 
POR-HNGBLK  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Black  $214.00 
POR-HNPBLU  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Blue  $37.25 
POR-HNQBLU  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Blue  $62.75 
POR-HNGBLU  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Blue  $214.00 
POR-HNPGRY  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Gray  $37.25 
POR-HNQGRY  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Gray  $62.75 
POR-HNGGRY  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Gray  $214.00 
POR-HNPGRN  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Green  $37.25 
POR-HNQGRN  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Green  $62.75 
POR-HNGGRN  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Green  $214.00 
POR-HNPORG  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Orange  $37.25 
POR-HNQORG  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Orange  $62.75 
POR-HNGORG  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Orange  $214.00 
POR-HNPRED  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Red  $37.25 
POR-HNQRED  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Red  $62.75 
POR-HNGRED  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Red  $214.00 
POR-HNPYEL  Hardnose Paint - Pint - Yellow  $37.25 
POR-HNQYEL  Hardnose Paint - Quart - Yellow  $62.75 
POR-HNGYEL  Hardnose Paint - Gallon - Yellow  $214.00 
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