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Manifold Restoration Kits

This terrific kit will restore your rusted, pitted, or cracked manifold back to first-rate condition and make it look great as well. Sandblasting must be done first; then all cracks and imperfections can be easily filled in and repaired with our incredible FireSeal 2000 putty/filler. After sanding, coat manifold with the heat-resistant paint of your choice, either Factory Manifold Gray, POR-20 Brilliant Aluminum, or Black Velvet (Satin Black).

Manifold Restoration Kits
Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-MRKA  Manifold Restoration Kit, Aluminum  $40.00 
POR-MRKB  Manifold Restoration Kit, Black  $40.00 
POR-MRKG  Manifold Restoration Kit, Gray  $40.00 
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