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Buy this terrific kit and your shopping is done! It has everything you need to do a superior job, and includes the step-by-step instructions needed to make sure you do it right, especially if you're a beginner.

First, our special MARINE CLEAN engine cleaner gets rid of all dirt, grease and oil. Next, use our METAL-READY™ to dissolve rust and prep the metal. Now prime and rust-proof your engine with regular POR-15 ® (black or silver).



And lastly, topcoat with the extra-pigment Engine Enamel color of your choice, all in one convenient kit. You won't believe the job you've done... PERMANENTLY!


  • POR-15® (Black or Silver pending on Engine Enamel color choice)
  • ENGINE ENAMEL™ (color of your choice)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Safety face mask
  • Latex surgical gloves
Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-EPKALM  Engine Paint Kit - Aluminum  $54.50 
POR-EPKAHG  Engine Paint Kit - Austin Healey Green  $54.50 
POR-EPKBLK  Engine Paint Kit - Black  $54.50 
POR-EPKBGR  Engine Paint Kit - Buick Green  $54.50 
POR-EPKBTQ  Engine Paint Kit - Buick Turquoise  $54.50 
POR-EPKCDB  Engine Paint Kit - Cadillac Dark Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKCVB  Engine Paint Kit - Chevrolet Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKCVO  Engine Paint Kit - Chevrolet Orange  $54.50 
POR-EPKCVR  Engine Paint Kit - Chevrolet Red  $54.50 
POR-EPKCRB  Engine Paint Kit - Chrysler Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKCHO  Engine Paint Kit - Chrysler Hemi Orange  $54.50 
POR-EPKCRT  Engine Paint Kit - Chrysler Turquoise  $54.50 
POR-EPKFDB  Engine Paint Kit - Ford Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKFCB  Engine Paint Kit - Ford Corporate Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKFDG  Engine Paint Kit - Ford Green  $54.50 
POR-EPKFMB  Engine Paint Kit - Ford Medium Blue  $54.50 
POR-EPKFBR  Engine Paint Kit - Ford T-Bird Red  $54.50 
POR-EPKHPY  Engine Paint Kit - Hi Po Yellow  $54.50 
POR-EPKMGM  Engine Paint Kit - MG Maroon  $54.50 
POR-EPKODG  Engine Paint Kit - Olds Gold  $54.50 
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