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POR 15 

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    FIRESEAL 2000™
    POR Epoxy Putty
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    Resto Grip Filler
    Straightline Filler

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StraightLine™ Body Filler

Our new body fillers stick to POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint like nothing you've ever seen! They are formulated especially for application and use with POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint, and are manufactured exclusively for POR-15 Inc. We guarantee you'll say they're the best you've ever used or your money back....period! Yes, they're more expensive than fillers you can buy locally, and not by just a little... but if you've used body filler before, try ours; you'll know at once you've made a great buy. If you're a first-timer, ours are the easiest to use body fillers made anywhere.

StraightLine™ Body Filler

STRAIGHTLINE™ BODY FILLER has over 30% more resin than other fillers, which gives it much greater adhesion. This makes it the perfect choice to apply over POR-15. STRAIGHTLINE™ has ultra fine particles for perfect feathering of edges, and is manufactured under vacuum, which eliminates those pesky air holes you've experienced with other fillers. It's more flexible, tougher, and able to tolerate higher temperatures than other fillers (you can even use it in a bake oven!) Use STRAIGHTLINE™ BODY FILLER for steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass, and many plastics.

Give it a try!

Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-SL20  STRAIGHTLINE 20 OZ.  $29.50 
POR-SL36  STRAIGHTLINE 36 OZ.  $52.50 
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