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POR 15 Restoration Products 

POR 15 

Enamel Paints 



Hardnose Paint (2Part) 

Hi-Temperature Paints 


Complete Kits 

Cleaners and Degreasers 

Putty, Fillers and Sealers 
    FIRESEAL 2000™
    POR Epoxy Putty
    POR Patch
    Resto Grip Filler
    Straightline Filler

Accessories and Specialty 

Fuel System Restoration 

RestoGRIP™ Body Filler

For tough applications use the toughest filler: RestoGRIP™ !

RestoGRIP™ Body Filler is specifically designed for applications that require more strength, such as bridging holes, or filling high-stress areas. RestoGRIP™ Body Filler is loaded with tiny polyester fibers, which makes it many times stronger than ordinary body fillers. Use RestoGRIP™ with POR-15®, to make permanent repairs to rust holes or deep pits in steel or galvanized steel. Then, use STRAIGHTLINE™ BODY FILLER to finish off the repair for the ultimate smooth final finish.

RestoGRIP™ Body Filler

Now you've got the superior body fillers you always wanted, engineered for use with POR-15®. Try them for yourself! After you've worked so hard on your car, does it make any sense to use an inferior body filler that costs a few bucks less? Both STRAIGHTLINE™ and RestoGRIP™ are supplied in special tins which house the body filler in the bottom and the re-sealable hardener in an insert tray on top....no separate tubes to lose.

Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-RG08  Resto Grip 8 0Z  $19.95 
POR-RG20  Resto Grip 20 OZ.  $29.50 
POR-RG36  Resto Grip 36 OZ.  $52.50 
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