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POR 15 Restoration Products 

POR 15 

Enamel Paints 



Hardnose Paint (2Part) 

Hi-Temperature Paints 


Complete Kits 

Cleaners and Degreasers 

Putty, Fillers and Sealers 

Accessories and Specialty 
    Artisan Metal Polish
    Boss Gloss
    Dry Air Spray-Gun Filters
    Mini Spray Guns
    Paint Spouts
    POR 15 Solvent
    POR-GLO Vinyl Rejuvenator
    Powermesh Reinforcing Fabric
    Supertack Dry Wipes

Fuel System Restoration 

Paint Brushes

Our throw-away-priced brushes will hold more paint and spread more smoothly than more expensive brushes. FEATURES:

Thick, Real Wood Handles Ferrule is nailed, not crimped Bristles set in Vulcanized rubber 100% Natural Bristle holds more paint, spreads smoother!

1 1/2" Paint Brushes
Available Products
Part No.  Description  Price  Quantity
POR-PBN056  Paint Brushes 1/2 Inch, Qty. 6  $6.30 
POR-PBN106  Paint Brushes 1 Inch, Qty. 6  $7.20 
POR-PBN156  Paint Brushes 1 1/2 Inch, Qty. 6  $7.20 
POR-PBN206  Paint Brushes 2 Inch, Qty. 6  $8.40 
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